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Barbecue & the art of smoking in America is one of the most hotly debated food topics of contemporary times –

Over the years, the regions in the United Sates have established territorial BBQ regions, which use similar cooking styles, meats, and sauces to achieve similar results. The pit master in Kansas City has a widely different opinion on pulled pork than the pit master in North Carolina. You might have your favorite style, or you might not know where to even begin. We have a strong opinion as to what makes smokehouse authentic and delicious and we want to share it with you.

There are a lot of great woods out there that infuse flavor into meat. We use a blend of hickory and oak for our pork, chicken & beef. We use various types for our fish, depending on the fish. We love a strong smoke flavor throughout our meats that show the true authenticity of the slow smoking process. We cook all of our meats from start to finish in our smoker. No boiling, steaming or roasting. Cook times are always low and slow to permeate the meat and create a beautiful smoke ring. In the world of smoking, the smoke ring is one of the most sought after properties of smoked meats. A smoke ring is the pink meat just under the bark. It is believed to show that you have done a good job properly cooking the meat at a low temperature and at a slow pace.
Bark is that sweet, rich, tasty surface of low and slow cooked meat, and for of us, the best part. Bark is a deep dark, sweet, chewy, crusty, jerky-like rind saturated with incredible complex flavor. The only way to get it is to go low and slow with wood. We aim for it on pork, ribs and brisket.
PULLED. That’s right, I’ll say it again, PULLED. Not chopped or shredded. We hand pull our pork and make sure every serving has a mix of delicious meat and bark. We smoke it for at least 11 hours with our signature rub to make sure it has a perfect smoke ring, perfect bark, and perfect flavor.
Controversial in the smoking world, there are 2 distinctive theories about ribs. Should the meat be able to come off the bone with a twist and pull or should it have a little tug? While we understand the want for tenderness, we favor texture to our ribs. A pit master with a like style of smoking to us said once, “You should have to bite ‘em, not fight ‘em”. We tend to agree. If you are looking for “fall off the bone” ribs, then you are looking for boiled or steamed ribs. We are 100% smoke, which produces a caramelized, richly flavored bark, and meat comes clean off the bone with a textured bite.
We took a different twist to our chicken. We were inspired by back yard cooking and decided to slow smoke whole chickens “beer can style”. Not familiar with Beer Can Chicken? The chickens are rubbed with our signature bbq rub, then placed on top of a can of garlic and onion infused beer. This makes them tender and flavorful. We serve them whole on Sundays family style and pull it during the week for salads, tacos, sandwiches and entrées.
This is the most challenging of the meats. Widely considered a tough cut of meat, if cooked correctly, can be one of the juiciest and most tender you’ve ever had. A Texas favorite of meats. We rub ours in our signature brisket rub, and slow smoke for at least 14 hours. There are two muscles to this meat. The point, which has a distinct layer of fat and the flat, much leaner than the point. Some use both or only one. To us, the best is the mix of the two, sliced together with a dark crusty bark, deep smoke ring and thin layer of fat, Texas style.
Our fish is smoked in a separate wood burning smoker from our other meats. Considered a cold smoke, our fish is smoked at very low temperatures for 6-8 hours over various woods depending on the fish and brined with salts, sugars and spices. Delicate and delicious.
All of our sauces and rubs are original signatures recipes. Each rub is tailored specifically to compliment the integrity of the meat’s flavor. We love our sauces, but we also believe the sauces are there to enhance the meat’s flavor, not cover it up. Each sauce is distinctively different so everyone can find a flavor pleasing to them. Please let us know which one is your favorite.

Last Thoughts…

We are truly aiming for authenticity here. Not everyone will agree with our point of view on smoking and that’s ok. This is the way we do Smokehouse, Barbeque, whatever you may call it, because we believe this is its true, authentic self. We enjoy making it, hope you enjoy eating it, and come back for more.

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