Our Take on Smokehosue

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Barbecue & the art of smoking in America is one of the most hotly debated food topics of contemporary times –

Over the years, the regions in the United Sates have established territorial BBQ regions, which use similar cooking styles, meats, and sauces to achieve similar results. The pit master in Kansas City has a widely different opinion on pulled pork than the pit master in North Carolina. You might have your favorite style, or you might not know where to even begin. We have a strong opinion as to what makes smokehouse authentic and delicious and we want to share it with you.

Last Thoughts…

We are truly aiming for authenticity here. Not everyone will agree with our point of view on smoking and that’s ok. This is the way we do Smokehouse, Barbeque, whatever you may call it, because we believe this is its true, authentic self. We enjoy making it, hope you enjoy eating it, and come back for more.

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